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Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
The course is intended to provide an intensive introduction to the latest version of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), now known as Predictive Analytics Software (PASW). SPSS is a user- friendly window based statistical software and a powerful and versatile tool for data analysis. The training combines lecture and hands-on laboratory sessions. The course involves an analysis of a subset of a large dataset but participants who are currently working on a particular research project are welcome to bring their own data to work on for the duration of the training.

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Research methods for a successful social and economic assessments
This course is intended to expose participants to the meaning of socioeconomic assessment and equip them with skills for planning and conducting socioeconomic assessments. It covers definition of socioeconomic assessments, preparatory activities for effective socioeconomic assessments, planning and reconnaissance, ethical considerations, socioeconomic data collection methods and data analysis.

The training combines lectures and group work sessions to enable participants to practice the application of the new skills acquired.

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Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing and Applications
The A-IRES group is proud to announce an inaugural GIS and Remote Sensing training coming up in Oct-Nov 2013 in Mombasa, Kenya. The target communities for this important training include persons who are involved in management, policy processes and conservation of natural resources. GIS and Remote Sensing is now an established avenue through which earth resources can be mapped and concrete knowledge derived on both the quantity and quality. The earth resources in question may include forests, rivers, sedimentation, water quality, ocean resources, human settlements, industrial activities and so on. The course curriculum will comprise theory and practical lessons.

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