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Title : Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing and Applications (pdf version)
Duration : 10 days
Date : 6 Mar-17 Mar 2017
Timings : 9am-5pm on consecutive days, weekend field trip
Cost : Kshs 170,000 (USD 2,000) - lunch/refreshments and field trip included
Description : The A-IRES group is proud to announce an inaugural GIS and Remote Sensing training coming up in Oct-Nov 2013 in Mombasa, Kenya. The target communities for this important training include persons who are involved in management, policy processes and conservation of natural resources. GIS and Remote Sensing is now an established avenue through which earth resources can be mapped and concrete knowledge derived on both the quantity and quality. The earth resources in question may include forests, rivers, sedimentation, water quality, ocean resources, human settlements, industrial activities and so on. The course curriculum will comprise theory and practical lessons.
Prerequisites : This course is suitable for persons who work in environments requiring regular collection of field information to reveal geographic distributions of objects. Experience has shown that persons with a minimum college level of diploma in natural sciences stand a better chance of benefitting. No prior experience of GIS is necessary
Course Outline : The course covers the following topics:

1. Geographic Information System
  • Spatial data and geoinformation
  • Models and representation of the real world
  • Computer representations of geographic information
  • Spatial data infrastructure
  • Stages of spatial data handling
  • Spatial referencing and positioning
  • Retrieval, classification and measurement
  • Overlay and neighbourhood functions
  • Data visualization
2. Remote Sensing
  • Introduction to earth observation by remote sensing
  • Electromagnetic energy and remote sensing
  • Spatial referencing
  • Platforms and passive electro-optical sensors
  • Visual image interpretation
  • Digital image classification
  • Aerial photography
  • Image restoration and atmospheric corrections
  • Imaging spectrometry
  • Spaceborne EO systems of special significance
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