Intergrated Research Solutions!

our Programs

1. ICT programs
Led by a competent team of professional who are ready to take up assignments on training and implementation of novel areas including:

i. Web portals,
ii. web-mapping (GIS portals)
ii. Content Management Systems (CMS),
iii. web-design and publishing

GIS and Remote Sensing Program
GIS equipment

2. GIS and Remote Sensing Program
This is our flag-ship program because of the manner in which it cuts across spectra of disciplines. It has application in all sectors of life including prediction of crop harvests, flood control, epidemiology and all the other social and economic sectors of life. Currently our main focus is in the following areas:

i. Hands on training on image processing from most of the commonly used satellites images
ii. Hands on training on use of Geographic Information Systems (Beginners and Advanced)
iii.  Mapping of ground resources (schools, bridges, hospitals etc), at high resolution scales
iv. Availability of marine and coastal data
v. Integration of GPS data with online mapping inclusing Google.

Management plannning division

Farmers under training

3. Management plannning division

This is one of our divisions with a great deal of demand on diversity of A-IRES professionals.  It seeks to bring order on the way our natural resources are utilzed in a sustainable manner.  It incudes the following:

i. Forestry management planning
ii. Fisheries mnagement planning
iii. Aquaculture management planning
iv. Rangeland management planning
v. Town management planning
vi. Integrated management planning
vii. Management of lakes and riverine and associated riparian areas
viii. Marine and coastal areas


4. Research

A-IRES on its own initiative conducts research on any topical issues of the day, so as to become opinion leader. A-IRES being an entity which belives in integration, a research topic may address diverse issues (Education, health, commerce, climate change, ocean acidification etc)


5. Consultancy

A-IREs affirm its commitment to carry out consultancy work on behalf of its clients to the highest standards possible. We have conducted consultancies in the following major areas:
i. Water quality testing
ii. microbial, organic, inorganic and suspended solids
iii. mapping of land-use and land-cover
iv. environment impact asessment
v. environment audits
vi. employ satisfaction survey

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